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Adventure school camp

Adding an extra dimension to student development

A school camp at Do it ! Adventure is a much anticipated experience by students and teachers alike.
For kids the camp is wrapped up with the excitement of being away from home, often for the first time, and the thrill of new adventures.
For teachers, it’s a chance to see their young charges blossom in a supportive and friendly environment.

School Camp should be a rewarding and enriching experience for both students and teachers.

Let us help you to plan a successful program which delivers exactly the outcomes you want for your primary or secondary school groups.

First Day:

The start point will be at the petrol station in the village ‘Karaöz’. We will split them in to groups of 15 people. Each group gets their own instructor who stays with them all days. Every group will start to walk with their walking maps and the groups will have 5 minute distance from each other.

The walk through the village, forest and go over small hills towards the Adventure Park where a cup of tea waits for them. When all groups arrive, we will explain them the program and guide them to the restaurant for a good lunch.
After lunch, the groups start with their instructor on an adventure activity; medium course, wall climbing, high course and the Matrix flight.

The groups will rotate all these activities with their instructors. After the program we’ll start with building up the campsite (tents). Until 20:00 o’clock groups will have free time, games can be played football, volleyball etc.
The evening program will start at 21.00

(The schedule for the first two days will change a bit when a survival is chosen)

Second day:
Wake up call ,they will have around 30 minutes to prepare themselves to the new day & breakfast .
Transfer to the Kocain cave we go in this cave on the adventures way dressed with helmets and lights for a 1,5 hour trip where the kids get education over cave systems .
Around 12:45 lunchbox in the cave entrance we get in the bus to the trekking start point . Swimming wears should be packed or wear under the clothing.
A short (45 minutes) walk through the village will bring us to the lake point here we swim relax and have fun in the warm water .
At five a clock we drive back to base camp for the evening dinner and relax next to the river, around 20.30 we start up the evening game .

Third Day:
Wake up call at 07:45. They will have around 15 minutes to prepare themselves to the new day & breakfast
We will drive to Antalya today in the morning several options available 1 Antalya History Museum* ,2 Kalaici old city
At 12:30 lunch box! And departure to the aqua park * this water park is great for the kids here we will stay till 17.45
On our way back home we stop at a fast-food restaurant here kids get a Mc D * fixed meal * or we go back to base and eat there optional

We start up the evening disco around 20.45

* = Extra cost entrée fee , Mac Donald * fixed meal with drink .

Fourth day :
Wake up call at 07:45. They will have around 45 minutes to prepare themselves to the new day & breakfast
We will go to the park lake for fishing on fresh trout.
At 12:00 o’clock we start getting ready for four hours trekking and raft building trip.
Swimming wears should be under the clothing. A short (45 minutes) walk through the village will bring us to the start point.
Before we start raft building we first eat lunch and take a small rest. The raft building will be done in groups of 5- 6 people on a raft. In the middle of the trip we will carry the rafts around the small barrage.
At the end point of raft building, next to the campsite, we will change our clothes and have a hour free time before we break down the tents and will clean the campsite , at seven a clock we go to the restaurant for the evening dinner and relax next to the river, around 21.30 we start up the evening game

Fifth day :
Wake up call at 07:45. They will have around 45 minutes to prepare themselves to the new day & breakfast.
The transfer to Beskonak by bus will take 1,5 hour at arrival we eat our lunchbox.
Dress up for the real work –short transfer to start point and up we go ,the raft trip takes around 3 hour with in the middle
a paddle game .
At the rafting end point we get dressed in normal clothes again and get ready for the dinner and look at the video and the photo’s
We drive back to the base camp relax time and campfire last night.

Sixth day :
After the wake up breakfast then cleaning up the area and pack the tents ,we try to leave around 10.00 to be in time back home

You can trust on
Expert guidance on various routes
All specialist equipment - including methods of travel, safety equipment and activity equipment
Mountain hut reservations
Advice on what you will need for the day
Safety cover (Back up safety plan)

Backpacking Gear
• Backpack: large internal frame or external frame (4000 – 6000 cubic inches)
• Pack cover (waterproof)
• Sleeping bag (rated around 20-35 F)
• Sleeping pad
• Rain jacket and pants (lightweight waterproof and breathable)
• Hiking boots (heavy duty, waterproof, broken-in & should rise above ankle)
• Old sneakers or sport-type sandals for wading
• Hiking pants (quick-drying, lightweight; zip-off legs are great. No jeans!)
• Hiking shorts (quick-drying, lightweight)
• T-shirts (synthetic)
• Underwear
• Hiking socks (wool or synthetic)
• Synthetic Sock liners (optional)
• Sun hat with wide brim
Additional Clothing for Trips in April and October
• Mid-weight fleece jacket or wool sweater
• Mid- or lightweight thermal top and bottom made of synthetic or wool
• Down jacket or vest (optional)
• Wool or fleece hat
• Wool or fleece gloves
Optional Field Gear
• Trekking poles (highly recommended)
• Pocket knife or small multi-tool
• Compass
• Ear plugs
• Lightweight camp shoes/sandals
• Journal & pen
• Camera and film - think weight
• Swimsuit
Travel Accessories
• Snack items for each day (easily packable, non-perishable, energy bars and real foods)
• Powdered drinks
• Four 1-quart water bottles or hydration system equivalent
• Headlamp with spare batteries and bulb
• Plastic bowl, spoon, travel mug with lid
• Sunglasses and retainer strap
• Sunscreen (small amount not the whole bottle; min SPF 25)
• Lip balm (unscented)
• Personal medications
• Toothbrush & trial-sized paste
• Pack towel and/or washcloth
• Personal first aid kit (small and light with personal medication)
• Lighter
• Travel size wet-wipes
• TP system: toilet paper (not a full roll) & 1 Ziploc quart baggie & 1 Ziploc gallon baggie and plastic trowel
• 1 large plastic garbage bag
• Insect Repellant
• Bandana

Öğrenci gelişimi için fazladan bir boyut ekleme

Bir okul kampında! Macera, hem öğrenciler ve öğretmenler tarafından merakla beklenen bir deneyim.
Çocuklar için, kamp, çoğu ilk kez evden uzakta olmanın heyecanı ve yeni maceralar heyecanını sarılır.
Öğretmenler için, arkadaşça ve destekleyici bir ortamda, genç ücretleri çiçeği görmek için bir şans.

Okul Kampı, hem öğrenciler ve öğretmenler için ödüllendirici ve zenginleştirici bir deneyim olmalıdır.

Birincil ya da ikincil okul grupları için istediğiniz sonuçların tam olarak sağlayan başarılı bir program planlamak için yardımcı olalım.