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Adventure holiday

Did you get fed up of spending your vacation in 5 star hotels ?

Or are you’re seeking an active holiday destination in Antalya Turkey where you can hike, raft, climb and many more.

If your answer is yes. then be sure that this holiday is exactly the best choice for you and your family.

From our base in the Köprülü Canyon National park Do it ! offer you the opportunity to design and take part in your own bespoke journey across the Antalya’s most famous National Park.

Do it ! Journey & Expedetions offer you the chance to view the Canyon from a truly unique perspective. You choose where to go, how to get there and what to do along the way. We work with you to make your journey exciting, challenging, fun and most importantly safe.

You can pick from a variety of activities as you plan your journey across the Lakes under your own steam. Will you travel by foot, boat, canoe, kayak or by mountain bike?

Would you like to incorporate some challenge activities along the way such as rock climbing, abseiling, ghyll scrambling or a zip wire over a 54 meter drop? The options are endless!

For those of you that want a longer challenge, why not split the journey over two days and spend the night in a Lodge , mountain hu tor Tent

We offer you one week long camping in a tent and everyday a different outdoor activity in Koprulu Kanyon National Park. You’ll explore the mountains, forests, rivers, canyons.

Experience the Turkish village life and enjoy the sleeping under stars in the mediterranian nights. This trip can be tailor made at any time suits you between April & October.

You have the flexibility to start your holiday.


Day 1:
Arriving to raft Basecamp and meeting with Guides. We make a mild start to weekly adventure. First day we do Panoramic Rafting Trip. Gorges Run, swimming with the river turtles and dozen of river games make big fun.
Day 2:
After breakfast we experience the upper section of the Köprülü River. Bigger waves and deeper drops. Be prepared to get soaked.
Today is hiking day. Nice walking activity through the splendid rock formations in Selge highlands. You’ll have the oppurtinity to see the Roman ruins on the ‘Rock Garden’ trail. Swimming option in Büğrüm spring waters.
A Challenging Day. Today we pass the spectacular hidden canyon. All in One activity. Diving, sliding, jumping, swimming, walking, climbing … whatever you desire. You’ll get everything you can expect from an adventure trip.
The river is familiar but this time you’ll experience it in a small ducky. That’s a guided tour as well but no guide in your boat. Enjoy paddling and controlling your boat through the splashing waves.
Another thrilling activity. Rappelling down from 40 m. height. You’ll feel your heartbeating when you look down into Atilgan Gorge. Afternoon swimming and sunbathing in Atilgan natural ponds.
If you arrived very late at first day and missed the activity you can do this today or optionally you can have a free day to visit Antalya downtown to shop or to have a lazy time on a mediterranian beach. If then, you need to pay tranport cost.

You can trust on
Expert guidance on various routes
All specialist equipment - including methods of travel, safety equipment and activity equipment
Mountain hut reservations
Advice on what you will need for the day
Safety cover (Back up safety plan)

What to take with you: Backpacking Gear

• Backpack: large internal frame or external frame (4000 – 6000 cubic inches)
• Pack cover (waterproof)
• Sleeping bag (rated around 20-35 F)
• Sleeping pad

• Rain jacket and pants (lightweight waterproof and breathable)

• Hiking boots (heavy duty, waterproof, broken-in & should rise above ankle)
• Old sneakers or sport-type sandals for wading.

• Hiking pants (quick-drying, lightweight; zip-off legs are great. No jeans!)
• Hiking shorts (quick-drying, lightweight)
• T-shirts (synthetic)
• Underwear
• Hiking socks (wool or synthetic)
• Synthetic Sock liners (optional)
• Sun hat with wide brim

Additional Clothing for Trips in April and October
• Mid-weight fleece jacket or wool sweater
• Mid- or lightweight thermal top and bottom made of synthetic or wool
• Down jacket or vest (optional)
• Wool or fleece hat
• Wool or fleece gloves

Optional Field Gear
• Trekking poles (highly recommended)
• Pocket knife or small multi-tool
• Compass
• Ear plugs
• Lightweight camp shoes/sandals
• Journal & pen
• Camera and film - think weight
• Swimsuit

Travel Accessories
• Snack items for each day (easily packable, non-perishable, energy bars and real foods)
• Powdered drinks
• Four 1-quart water bottles or hydration system equivalent
• Headlamp with spare batteries and bulb
• Plastic bowl, spoon, travel mug with lid
• Sunglasses and retainer strap
• Sunscreen (small amount not the whole bottle; min SPF 25)
• Lip balm (unscented)
• Personal medications
• Toothbrush & trial-sized paste
• Pack towel and/or washcloth
• Personal first aid kit (small and light with personal medication)
• Lighter
• Travel size wet-wipes
• TP system: toilet paper (not a full roll) & 1 Ziploc quart baggie & 1 Ziploc gallon baggie and plastic trowel
• 1 large plastic garbage bag
• Insect Repellant
• Bandana

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Cevabınız evet ise. daha sonra bu tatil tamamen siz ve aileniz için en iyi seçim olduğunu emin olun.

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