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Professional referee

RE: Professional referee for Tom Holleman.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been working with Tom, organising camps for the students at ICCA for over 2 years now. His company ‘Do It! Adventure’ offers a range of programs catering to outdoor adventure and education for all ages. Tom’s professionalism and experience was evident the moment we engaged him to begin creating a customised camp to cater to our specific timeframe, individual needs of the group and desired learnıng outcomes.

Tom designed a program to fıt our brief within a matter of hours and was forthright with a range of information includiıng our itenerary, camping needs lists, insurance documents and menu’s and special needs dietary options. Upon arrival to the campsite, it becomes apparent that the site is well resourced, maintained and staffed. All of our needs were accomodated, including providing the best equipment and tidy and safe camping spaces for all.

Tom’s impressive instructional and communication skills is what sets hım apart from the many other camp directors and outdoor educators. He is ıncredıbly intuitive, patient kind and commands a certaın prescence whether it be in front of adults or adolescents. Tom’s comprehensıve and hands on briefıng sessions prior to any activity, equipped those ınvolved wıth the necessary skılls to handle the task.

Tom also knew when to let go and allow the students the space to learn in their own way, without placing them in danger, before assıstıng them. It is in thıs way that Tom’s firm confıdence in his own skills and abılıty to meet the individual learning needs of hıs audience, provided a much more rich experıence for the students.

I have personally been exposed extensively to the best of what Australian outdoor adventure/education programs have to offer, having worked at Wesley College and Haileybury College and taken part in the highly successful ‘Outward Bound’ program on a number of occasions.

The product that Tom offers, combined with his extensive experience and proven track record in the industry was second to none and exceeded my expectations. As a person of high proffessional standards and a highly respected member of the community in Antalya, I highly reccomend him as part of any team or leadership position in the outdoor recreation and education setting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on 05051288565 via email on tim@icca-school.com

Timothy Pringle

Camp coordinator / Head of Humanitıes Department. ICCA

RE: Professional referee for Tom Holleman.

RE: Professional referee for Tom Holleman.

RE: Professional referee for Tom Holleman.