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This hiking trip starts at the small village of Selge where we will visit the ruins of the Roman theater, agora temple of Zeus, city walls and a Byzantine church.

Our day excursion will lead you to the Bridge Canyon National Park (Koprulu Kanyon Milli Park), where we will take a look in to the famous canyon and old roman bridge before driving a 12 kilometers long winding road up to Selge to enjoy its picturesque mountain setting, the Roman ruins, and hike into the hills.

The Selges Roman ruins are worth visiting. The theater seating is in fairly good condition. After nearly 2000 years of use, the skene stage wall was destroyed by lightning less then 100 years ago.

The walk down will take us through a georgus landscape ,and takes arround 2 hours before we reach the transfer bus agian.
there are longer routes wich you can take when you fancy it

Great surroundıng ,köprülü canyon,roman ruins .great lunch

Selge , ancient Pisidia, is one of the mountain towns.
Taurus 's southern slopes, established an altitude of 1250 meters from the sea.
Antalya - Alanya highway, Aspendos, 5 km after the turnoff road before returning along a , then the ancient Roman bridge across the valley combined canyon, Altinkaya reached the village. That protects the city on a hill can be seen partly in the south tower walls.

The city's main entrance is located in this section. One of the walls on the hill north of Zeus , one of Artemis 'temple is located in two dedicated e. Market place ( agora ), the monumental fountain building, burial space ( necropolis ) and the Byzantine -era church Selge'deki other remnants.

English ,Dutch & German guiding .
İnclusive transfer & lunch at the waterside restaurant (grilled chicken or trout , spaghetti, salads,onions.tomato bread .

Selge (in Greek Σελγη) was an important city in Pisidia, on the southern slope of Mount Taurus, modern Antalya Province, Turkey, at the part where the river Eurymedon River (Turkish: Köprüçay)forces its way through the mountains towards the south.
The town was believed to be a Greek colony, for Strabo states that it was founded by Spartans, but adds the somewhat unintelligible remark that previously it had been founded by Calchas. The acropolis of Selge bore the name of Kesbedion.

The district in which the town was situated was extremely fertile, producing abundance of oil and wine, but the town itself was difficult of access, being surrounded by precipices and beds of torrents flowing towards the Eurymedon and Cestrus (today Aksu), and requiring bridges to make them passable.

In consequence of its excellent laws and political constitution, Selge rose to the rank of the most powerful and populous city of Pisidia, and at one time was able to send an army of 20,000 men into the field. Owing to these circumstances, and the valour of its inhabitants, for which they were regarded as worthy kinsmen of the Spartans, the Selgians were never subject to any foreign power, but remained in the enjoyment of their own freedom and independence.

When Alexander the Great passed through Pisidia (333 BC), Selge sent an embassy to him and gained his favour and friendship.At that time they were at war with Termessos.

The Roman Eurymedon Bridge near Selge
At the period when Achaeus had made himself master of Western Asia, Selge were at war with Pednelissus, which was besieged by them; and Achaeus, on the invitation of Pednelissus, sent a large force against Selge (218 BC).

After a long and vigorous siege, the Selgians, being betrayed and despairing of resisting Achaeus any longer, sent deputies to sue for peace, which was granted to them on the following terms: they agreed to pay immediately 400 talents, to restore the prisoners of Pednelissus, and after a time to pay 300 talents in addition.

We now have for a long time no particulars about the history of Selge; in the 5th century AD Zosimus calls it indeed a little town, but it was still strong enough to repel a body of Goths.

It is strange that Pliny does not notice Selge, for we know from its coins that it was still a flourishing town in the time of Hadrian; and it is also mentioned in Ptolemy and Hierocles. Independently of wine and oil, the country about Selge was rich in timber, and a variety of trees, among which the storax was much valued from its yielding a strong perfume. Selge was also celebrated for an ointment prepared from the iris root.

The remains of the city consist mainly of parts of the encircling wall and of the acropolis. A few traces have survived of the gymnasium, the stoa, the stadium and the basilica. There are also the outlines of two temples, but the best conserved monument is the theater, restored in the 3rd century AD.

Halfway on the road to Selge from the Pamphylian coastal plain, a well-preserved Roman Bridge crosses the deep Eurymedon valley.

Transfer : Havaalanindan 90 km uzakliktadir. / 75 dakika.
Baslangıç: 10.00 Bitiş: 15:00 (Değisebilir)
Menü: Izgara tavuk-alabalık,salata,pilav,spagetti ve meyve.

Gerekli eşyalar : Rahat spor kıyafet ile sandalet veya spor ayakkabı, guneş kremi ile havlu.

Günlük yürüyüş turları şehir hayatının karmaşasından kurtulmak, temiz havada doğal hayatı hissetmek için idealdir.
Yürüyüş turumuzun başlangıç noktası MÖ 5. yüzyılda kurulmuş olan Selge antik kentidir.

Toros dağlarının güney eteklerinde ulaşılması güç doğal korunaklı bir yerde bulunan Selge ye dar ve dik uçurumlardan geçerek ulaşılıyor.
Yükseldikçe nefes kesici kanyon manzaralarını, ormanlarla örtülü vadiyi, kıvrılarak akan Köprüçay ırmağını ve karşıda Toka Dağı'nı hayranlıkla seyredeceksiniz.

Antik kentin Tiyatrosu, agorası, Zeus ve Artemis tapınakları ve sarnıçlarının yanından geçen yürüyüş parkuru daha sonra sık orman alanına dalıyor.

Tarih ve doğanın iç içe olduğu bu yürüyüş sizi hem fiziksel olarak hem de ruhsal olarak yeterince tatmin edecek.
Yürüyüş Köprüçay da yüzme molasıyla sona erer.