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Father -Son adventure

Mother daughter ,Mother son father daughter . Do you want to make an remarkable weekend with your your kids .!!!! During these 2 days we will make a trekking tour where good Compass reading takes us to the river were we find the rafts to go down the river to find our camping spot . Our camping spot is situated at a wonderful place in the middle off no where at a great place ,building up the tents ,cooking on fire ,evening game ,stars in the sky , soft drink for the kids while grilling the mars mellows & a beer or good wine for the fathers makes the night complete. Waking up with only the sound of nature ,continuing the trip after breakfast and the adventure wil go on.

Kid Survival Promotes Spiritual Growth 1. Survival Kids Learn Daily Survival Skills with Spiritual Guidance. Each survival skill taught will accompany a spiritual truth or moral value or each survival training theme will have a spiritual or moral focus. An example would be such as teaching how to set up a tent which encourages teamwork and the helping of others. (Spiritual Truth and Verse Reference) Survival Guide for Types of Training 1. Camping skills including the following a. Setting up a tent, b. locating shelter, c. building a shelter, d. various types of shelters 2. Starting a fire including the following a. Locating tinder and dry wood in various weather conditions, b. starting a fire in various weather conditions, c. starting a fire in various ways 3. Locating water sources including the following a. Purifying water b. Identifying polluted water 4. Locating food sources including the following a. Identifying eatable vegetation b. Locating and snaring small game c. Making fishing line, fish hooks, and spears 5. Finding your directions a. Lost in the woods What gear to take with you • Backpack: 50 -75 liter small as possible • Pack cover (waterproof) • Sleeping bag Outerwear • Rain jacket (lightweight waterproof and breathable) Footwear • Hiking boots + Old sneakers or sport-type sandals for wading Clothing • Hiking pants (quick-drying, lightweight; zip-off legs are great. No jeans!) • Hiking shorts (quick-drying, lightweight) • T-shirts (synthetic) • Underwear • Hiking socks (wool or synthetic) • Synthetic Sock liners (optional) • Sun hat with wide brim Additional Clothing for Trips in April and October • Mid-weight fleece jacket or wool sweater • Mid- or lightweight thermal top and bottom made of synthetic or wool • Down jacket or vest (optional) • Wool or fleece hat Optional Field Gear • Pocket knife or small multi-tool • Lightweight camp shoes/sandals • Camera and film - think weight • Swimsuit Travel Accessories • water bottle • Headlamp with spare batteries and bulb • Plastic bowl, spoon, travel mug with lid • Sunglasses and retainer strap • Sunscreen (small amount not the whole bottle; min SPF 25) • Lip balm (unscented) • Personal medications • Toothbrush & trial-sized paste • Pack towel and/or washcloth • Personal first aid kit (small and light with personal medication) • Lighter • Travel size wet-wipes • TP system: toilet paper (not a full roll) • 1 large plastic garbage bag • Insect Repellant • Bandana

soft survival Kid Survival works primarily with kids between the ages of 6-16 to encourage, inspire and enhance their Character, Promote Teamwork, increase self esteem, and build confidence. This is primarily accomplished through outdoor activities and online information for survival kids. All training sessions are completed out-of-doors through various levels of curriculum. We work to teach kids about nature, surviving in nature, surviving in the world, making the best of life in a healthy environment, structured process, and helping others in addition to Spiritual truths and moral guidance. Survival Kids Training Time 1. All training is performed out of doors and in various types of terrain. 2. The ages of the group of kids determines the length of time for training. 3. Kids ages from 6-9 have a maximum of 2 1/2 days of training planned. 4. Kids ages from 10-13 have a maximum of 7 days of training. 5. Teens ages from 14-16 may have excursions of up to two weeks during the summer months.wa

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