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Wall climbing

Rock Climbing Antalya

The small village Geyikbayırı the perfect places for beginners to learn the fundamentals of rock climbing and for the expert climbers to improve their skills .

At this moment, there are 450 routes in a variety of grades of difficulty (the more difficult grades are dominated by overhanging colonettes, while the routes up to 6c grades are dominated by straight rock with pockets and edges).

Our introductory course will focus on the essential basics: equipment use, terminology, rope handling, knots, belaying and movement on the rock, including proper footwork and hand placements.

All meals, platform tent camping, technical equipment and instruction are provided.

Climbing is available all year round in Geyikbayırı; when you are looking to escape the cold winter at home, this is the perfect place for adventure in a more friendly climate.

This trip is rated Moderate (3) as we plan to climb for 4-6 hours per day and will have to hike a short distance from the parking area to where the climbs are located each day.

To maximize your enjoyment of the trip and to avoid sore muscles, we suggest that you engage in a regular exercise regimen beginning at least three months prior to your departure. Most important to your enjoyment of the trip is your overall fitness level.

This trip operates rain or shine.The best times are from mid-February to June, and from September to December.
In Antalya there are far fewer rainy days than in Northern and Central Europe, and the climate is milder.
For these reasons climbing is also possible in winter.

In summer many of the overhanging south-facing crags are sheltered from the sun during midday, and there are many other routes that are shadowed such as on the North Walls or the Canyon Sector, whilst in Akyarlar you often have a cool sea breeze in the summer afternoons.
With the various heights and climatic differences of the region, there is always the possibility to climb in comfortable temperatures at any time of the year.

Akyarlar ; directly on the sea front. It has around 20 routes, and is a high standard climbing area situated in a beautiful bay.

The rather steep rocky footpath down to the bay frightens most casual tourists away, so you will normally have the whole bay to yourself. In summer it's the perfect place to climb, boulder, bathe and connect with one another.

With the opening steps you are faced with boulder challenges, rock forms washed smooth and rounded by the sea, after which you are confronted with amazing climbing walls. You can also swim and climb Mesafededir.
Nearby the fishermen keep fish grilling which you can eat with an appetite.

Fesleken Plateau
Feslekan Yayla ("alp") lies 2000 m above sea level. The bouldering area is surrounded by mountain pastures and, even in summer, snow covered summits; the air is fresh and clear.
Thousands of blocks, some knobby mountain pines and small cosy alp huts make this area a unique experience with a magnificent view of the region.

The rock is compact and not too sharp, the gneiss-limestone mix resembles granite rock in its edges, cracks and clear forms. There are boulders of all difficulties and variations, and can be reached by car (30 min), or by mountain bike.

Kaya Tırmanışı Antalya

Küçük bir köy Geyikbayırı kaya tırmanışı temellerini öğrenmek ve becerilerini geliştirmek için uzman dağcılar için yeni başlayanlar için mükemmel yerler.

Şu anda, 450 yolları ve çeşitli zorluk dereceleri (6c notları yolları cepler ve kenarları düz kaya hakim iken daha zor notları, sarkan kolonetler hakim) vardır.

Bizim giriş dersi gerekli temel konular üzerinde yoğunlaşacaktır: ekipman kullanımı, terminoloji, halat taşıma, düğüm, içine alma ve uygun ayak ve el yerleşimleri de dahil olmak üzere kaya üzerine hareket,.

Tüm yemekler, platform çadır kamp, teknik donanım ve öğretim verilmektedir.

Tırmanma Geyikbayırı tüm yıl boyunca mevcuttur; evde soğuk kış kaçmak için ararken, bu, daha kullanıcı dostu bir iklim bir macera için mükemmel bir yerdir