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  • Nov. 10, 2012, 10:03 p.m.

    10 Years Do it ! in Turkey 2003 - 2013

    Time fly's !!!! 2003-2013

    Now almost 10 years and so many succes full group events later, we can look back on a great  time with so many new friends & new working partners - trusted colleagues. We will go on with inventing new team events to show people that the combination of team work & adventure in the nature is an succes full mix for all teams.

    We would like to thank you all for, The trust & the will to believe in our Team building consepts.

     Tom-Gonca & Noa holleman                       

    İn short 2003-2013 

    The year 2003 , we started our yourney towards Turkey , planning our marriage ,workplan for the summer  in Belgium and finally the whole emigration from Holland to Turkey ,travelling with a old jeep caravan our dog 'Dino and a bag full of plans what to do-start here in Antalya .

    The start up & design was already planned  in Belgium ,the goal was to find a suıtable place for the building from the first Team buılding park in Turkey (2003) , when we found this at the aksu riverit took my father me & good friend Rob beckers  3 months to buildth up all to get it started.

    We officialy opened on 10 april  my brithday ,the first groups started to arrive short after , RobBeckers as head guide, our friends & lovely couple Lale & Aydoğan became our first workers ,  Little Alican was helper and more others came around to help out. Selcuk Öner became our background partner and up we went full off energie and a damm good program to offer to the people (first tourist)

    From that start in 2004  it went up and down , toerist came and went , but it was not the succes we hooped to have ,why??? tourist did not come -sales persons could not sell etc  even Tui could not bring us the people.

    2005 we then started focussing more on the incentive market ,what was the good direktion to go ,succes made with the first start ,our new  ideas off team building picked up and soon we hath our name setup in ıstanbul as well.

    2006 became the year from the zamantı river expedetions,a 5 day rafting trıp through the remote area off east turkey a true dream off a trip we made 5 expedetions ,just on time ,the next year the construction works off the new dam started to make this river a dream for always ,,lost great  river ...

    2007 doing team events in Istanbul for big and small groups ,Tui inside (900  participants) choose us out off 5 other programs a the best Team building program in 2008  , we added several new outdoor activity,s to our program and started to make more and more team events at the hotel grounds dew to the crissis nr 1 .

    Crisis nr 1 (2008-2009)  i do not want to remeber it anymore ,60% from our yearly income was lost..as many others in the brance we prayed ,we made it by beeing very carefull and came out off the red figures slowly. 

    2010 became a great year ,not only the work picked up but mostly because our lovely daugther Noa was born , we did several big events started the Secret canyoning Tour and hath 3 wonderfull boys from the ducth sportschool workıng for us that year.

    2011 was again a crisis year in the world ,we luckely did not lost that much as in 2008 but to say it was a great year is to much.

    2012 became a year off changes ,we moved our office towards Istanbul ,what meant that i flew up and down from Antalya to Istanbul a lot, we started the workshop program with succes and finally buılded A new and bigger park which we just finiched in october2012 . 

    What the future will bring ???  We have some big plans in the bottle .

    10 Years Do it !  in Turkey 2003 - 201310 Years Do it !  in Turkey 2003 - 201310 Years Do it !  in Turkey 2003 - 201310 Years Do it !  in Turkey 2003 - 201310 Years Do it !  in Turkey 2003 - 2013