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  • Dec. 4, 2019, 2:28 p.m.

    2020 17 years in Antalya

    The year 2020 will be our 17th year in business 

     I arrived in Turkey in the year 2003 , after 7 year long working and travelling through country's like New Zealand ,Costa rica ,America, Belgium ,Holland and İsrael i had just one goal . To start my own Outdoor sport company in Antalya .

    I remember Those early years shaped my vision that giving everyone a chance to enjoy the great outdoors would help people over come hurdles.

     Back then, I started building on my version of a outdoor company where people could connect again , trough outdoor sports . we focussed on tourism ,then on cooperate businesses later to school and kids camps. 

    My beliefs payed out in the long term ,during the 17 years we became a leading force in Team building and many other tried to copy our style and ideas .

     Tomba Camps & Outdoor Learning

     It disturbed me that our next generation ,our kids ! are getting more and more addicted into a fake digital world ,For most youth , dependence on their digital devices is something they can take care of with a little bit of willpower and by using technology that has been developed to help regulate digital use. But there’s a  growing group of youth who aren’t able to take the same steps. No matter how hard they try, these individuals cannot stop using their devices.                                                              They derive meaning from their online activities — particularly online gaming — and eventually find that they cannot stop their online activities even if they try. . 

     Together With My friend Tim Pringle we started the Tomba camps, and challenged some established ways of doing things on camps our way. digital free to help kids overcome a growing addiction.  

    Our goal is to give to students the chance to express who they really are and what mattered to them, by organising social media digital free camps where outdoor sport and nature - ecological & survival education plays a big role.

     I’ve focused on building a services to do two things:

     1 : Outdoor Learning where we each our Kids to appreciate the nature we have and gif them the chance to develop themselves in a natural environment without digital distraction.

     2: Develop a Safe and fun kids Adventure camp to let kids become kids again, push their limits , create life time memories ,by teaching them new skills and bringing them together in a unforgettable adventure camp

     These two simple ideas — Outdoor Learning & Adventure  — go hand in hand., even if it doesn’t feel that way today, when you gif kids the right tools they do not need the addiction of the digital world and will play together again, communicate and develop leadership skills and love for the environment  . 

    Outdoor learning

    Outdoor Learning  helps people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to reflect and learn about themselves, each other and their environment. The positive memories and lasting benefits impact academic achievement, new skills learning, personal and social development, care for the environment, career and professional development, wellbeing and mental health.

    At its core, learning is a Process that results in a change in knowledge or behaviour as a result of experience. It is something that is active, builds on prior knowledge and occurs at both an individual and social level.

     In formal settings,  like the tomba camps outdoor learning may involve education ,led by an instructor, teacher, for a group of teenagers  

    Informally, outdoor learning happens whenever someone is experiencing the natural world and gaining knowledge, skills, understanding or appreciation. 

    Climbing to the top a high ridge, pausing to smell fresh blossom, feeling the force of water whilst sailing through waves, lighting your own fire, finding out why a river is the shape it is, and laughing whilst slipping on rain soaked muddy footpaths are all outdoor learning experiences.

    People take part in outdoor learning at all ages, in their professional life and in their personal lives. 

    Outdoor Learning holds that all people are to be valued and encouraged to fulfil their potential, without discrimination on any grounds, but with due consideration for their fears and frailties, their strengths and qualities.

     İ see that the Tomba camps are not only developing great but also bring me personal the most energy , to see the teenagers enjoy ,smile and learn to handle different situations ,to be able to think out off the box and search new ways to get a problem solved is a gift they will benefit from the rest of their lives.

    Greetings  Tomba

    2020 17 years in Antalya 2020 17 years in Antalya 2020 17 years in Antalya 2020 17 years in Antalya