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  • Jan. 3, 2012, 12:05 p.m.

    New generation team events

    A new generation from team building games started for us ,  long we looked for  a new direktion to combine the new modren world with our activity.

    We designed a new format ,where we are using the technology futures off the internet , smartphones and tablets .

    İn this new way off team building events we made the ınternet a bıg part off the event by using ipad mini  for the participants to find their way in the game , using navigation programs ,qr code readers ,location finders we made a 200 % change in our way off working.

    We invested a whole lot off time ,energy and money in the new Quest events , our first tryouts  where on the buyukada island with teams from Denmark & Dubai ,,the sytstem setup worked great ,we now where the teams are  ,can direkt contact them ,use mail,messages  etc  in 1 word  great..

    The beginning 

    Working in Amerika, Costa Rice ,Belgium,İsrael & last but not least New Zealand became an opportunity for me to learn and pass over the knowledge i gained in my professional activity ,all this experience is combined in the unique Do it ! TEAM BUILDING programms.

    Starting my own company became an opportunity to summarize more than 15 years of my work and acquired knowledge, as well as quite a surprise to me, unexpectedly profound reconstruction of my perspective on this interesting phenomenon.

    Until 2003, i was working for other company 's ,my field of interest was kayakking, rafting ,outdoor survival,school groups and team building , mostly with the managers and the managements of large corporations, meetings of this kind were partly the work with the team (poorly or well-organized people with internal and generally recurring problems), it was partly a training to setup my own business plan,witch i wrote during the evenings in Belgium where i was working for Richard Dixs, Le Fleche Verte Outdoor.

    Since the start off Do it , I have a unique opportunity to work out my own view and plan in longer consecutive projects that prepare people to work on their own self esteem .

    Our team building events are created to help to detecting the weak points worth working on. 

    The Do it ! Adventures & Team building programs " are designed to fit a particular group (its abilities and physical conditions) help to reveal those points quickly. Also the role which a participant assumes in his team: whether that of a leader, worker, hero, star or assistant, etc., can be recognized. 

    The difficult and unusual situations arranged during such event and the success achieved while overcoming obstacles help to build positive relations within the team. 

    The important benefits for the members of a team from the custom-made program are the shaping of the awareness of the group's importance in solving shared problems and the shaping of the ability to deal with one's weaknesses. 

    The result that applies to the employee might be the increased insight into the possibility of drawing on one's personal ways of coping with stress and ability of working topgether with team members .

    The employer gets a better functioning team which commits to the company not only because of their job satisfaction and salary, but also in a way, because of their gratitude for sponsoring a nice and constructive fun activity.

    Participants simply come back satisfied from our trainings, and even on the way back they are constantly on the phone talking about the whole event.

    An other aspect from the adventure part of our work  ,is the great contact we get with kids-schoolcamps and our latest Father-Mother kids weekend , this last program will become one off my faforites i think .

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