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  • May 6, 2019, 5:55 p.m.

    1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp

    Youth Summer -School Camps are the cornerstones of Do it ! Adventure Antalya ,

    Since 2003 we provide School camps in the Antalya area , (the last 5 years back to back ) for Istanbul’s most prestige private school ‘’İCCS Istanbul international community school ‘’ as well as fo the several other schools in İstanbul & Antalya (British international school Istanbul & İCCA Antalya)

    New ‘’ Tomba 's outdoor experience summer camp ‘’! 


    Are you concerned about your child spending too much time on their mobile devices these summer holidays? Social media is causing huge problems for children’s social and mental development and it is every parent’s responsibility to try and balance the negative effects of too much screen on their child. 

    Are you looking to give your child a real experience these summer holidays and an opportunity to connect with the natural energies of the outdoors? 

    Would you like your child to learn survival & leadership skils, become more self confident and develop their character? 

    Does your child enjoy rafting, canyoning, camping, outdoor games and hiking in an exciting outdoor environment? Look no further!

    Starting July 2019 the only all English spoken Youth summer camp in Antalya ! ‘Tomba’s Outdoor experience!’ Dutch outdoor sport professional Tom Holleman & highly experienced native English teachers have joined forces to bring you Antalya's only English speaking outdoor Summer camp!

    For more info please contact Tom on WhatsApp 05432327510 or visit Do It Adventure – ‘Tomba’ Outdoor Experience’ on Instagram or facebook to reserve your child’s place in this exciting program.

    Our Tomba 's outdoor experience Summer Camp takes place at  the Köprülü Kanyon National Park with core focuses on Adventure acton ,wilderness skills, Leave No Trace practices, relationship building, environmental education and appreciation for the world’s majestic wild. 

    A ‘Tomba 's outdoor experience Summer Camp is more than just a way for your child to spend their summer ,our back to basic camps inspire heartfelt memories, build healthy friendships and instils a passion for nature that will last a child’s lifetime.  

    We provide an ideal setting for your child to experience nature’s most spectacular offerings in a controlled environment where education and fun are equally paramount - it’s a way for them to practice their english skills & live their best life . 


    Tomba 's outdoor experience Summer Campitinerary

    Day 1: You will meet your Guides/Counselors between 12-1 pm. You will have time to become acquainted with your group .We will then facilitate a group orientation, answering any last parent or participant questions before transferring towards the Köprülü Kanyon National park. 

    We start with a 2,5 hours Hike on 950 meter altitude in Selge. In the Afternoon, we swim/cool down in the river play games, followed by a campfire to strengthen bonds while goal setting.

    Day 2: After morning breakfast & circle time (stretches, day program review, )we will embark on one of our first adventures days of canyoning & Rafting . Although a strenuous day, our trail breaks today reward us with stunning views of  Köprülü canyon where we  relax besides the natural springs, discover roman bridges wildflowers and white water action.

    Day 3: Today is the start the 2 day survival trekking & camp , starting with a excited canyoning walk while carrying lighter day packs. We have the opportunity to hike the deep river canyon towards our new base camp, which offers unparalleled views throughout Koprülü Kanyon National Park. After the day hike we will setup or camp  in the heart of the canyon which offers more secluded camping, with views of big canyon walls and the vulture nests & spend the evening learning  Outdoor cooking skills and activities.

    Day 4: Today we breakdown the campsite and will hike about 5 km towards the old roman bridge where we start the kayak adventure, a stunningly adventure experience in 2 person inflatable kayaks towards our Base camp.

    Day 5: On our final day we will descend back to Antalya at the Sea side we have a lunch & continue the day with beach fun . Around 17.00 hour the parents will be able to pickup the kids .


    .Note: Remember this is only a sample itinerary and actual itineraries are subject to change.

    Other: On all of our summer camps, we have a daily circle time in the morning where youth engage in group games, share highlights, offer encouragement and support to each other, stretch, review day itineraries, and set individual and group goals for the day. Also, whether breaking on the trail or in the afternoon or evening in the campsite, our Guides facilitate additional opportunities for youth to develop a personal connection with nature. Problem-solving and initiative games are common as are smiles. Additional outdoor skills are gained as we practice Leave No Trace principles and promote environmental stewardship throughout the length of the program.

    Every youth deserves this opportunity! .

     1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp 1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp 1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp 1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp 1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp 1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp 1:Tomba outdoor experience Summer Camp