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Do it adventure owners Tom & Gonca Holleman  Do it ! Founders & Managment  Tom & Gonca Holleman 

Do it ! Team building & Outdoor Adventure 

 Leader in team building & adventure business since 2003  started in Antalya region and although it's home is still in the heart of The Köprülü National park (Antalya-Turkey)  it now has his office based in Istanbul. 

 Do it ! was established to provide outdoor and experiential activities for corporate clients, private groups and individuals. 

 So far we continue to provide outstanding outdoor adventure and skills training to an impressive range of corporate clients offering them different  team challenges & team building events. 

 We also provide technical services to other Management Consultants and People Development organisations wanting to broaden their own portfolio of services by partnering with us.

 How did it started

 Do it founder, Tom Holleman traveled for the last 20 years 3 times around the world ,working as an outdoor guide, trip leader & manager on many team building & adventure parks and guided rafts on worlds most renowned white-water rivers.

İn 2003 however Tom landed in Antalya Turkey and created together with his wife Gonca the one off its kind & first special Team building park in Turkey.

Situated at short distance from Antalya it became the first Adventure Park in Turkey-Antalya region in 2003.

 Our aim

İs to offer world class training in outdoor adventure sports and encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors more often. This is both through personal skills courses, providing individuals with the confidence to enjoy their sport themselves as well as through qualification courses, ensuring that the next generation of outdoor instructors are trained to the highest possible standards. 

We offer adventure courses of all levels ensuring there is something to interest everyone. 

 Do it team building & adventure  is a fun and welcoming environment; everyone is welcome from the beginner to the expert. We take pride in helping you to develop your personal skills, whatever level you might be at. You will never be made to feel like you don't belong.

 Our areas of adventure expertise are:

 Mountain Sport: Rock Climbing, Survival, Rappelling,Cave explorations

Water-sport: Rafting , River kayaking, Canyoning

First Aid and Rescue: Swift-water rescue, mountain rescue, first aid, 

 Location !

Do it ! Team building & adventure rafting & canyoning basecamp in the heart off the Köprülü national park .

Our location provides immediate access to Antalya's best rivers .                                                      The proximity to such great locations means you spend less time driving and more time learning and developing, ensuring you get great value for money...plus some pretty stunning scenery.

 Our reputation

Do it Team building & adventure has been operating for over 11 years now . In that time we have developed an international reputation for delivering truly first class instruction. Don't just take our word for it though. 99% of our guests say they would do another course at the centre and over 45% of all guests are repeat customers.

Our reputation for customer service has also been recognised by the Hospitality Industry.

 In June 20o8 we  receive the award from TUİ Germany for the best Team building program in Antalya . 

It is awarded to businesses that put the customer first and focus on customer service throughout their entire business. 

 Why choose us?

 We are proud to say there are many reasons why our customers return:

 •Quality of instruction - knowledgeable, clear, concise, friendly and tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Our instructors work hard to ensure you get what you want out of the course, not what we want to teach you.

•Quality of equipment - our Stores is stocked full of the latest high quality equipment, regularly replaced.

•Quality of our food and accommodation - to learn properly you need to be relaxed. That's why we provide , a relaxing bar area and food designed to fill you up before, during and after a hard day.

•Our both location - Aksu canyon & Köprülü canyon  National Park has the most stunning scenery: once you have visited us, you'll be back to experience more. Not only is it great to look at, but it also provides a 'green gymnasium' right on our doorstep.

 •prices are all inclusive - although at first glance we may not be the cheapest, once you start to factor in all the extras you receive at no cost, you can see that we offer great value for money. You need only pay once and you won't find yourself having to pay for extras.

 Team members !

 We educate each year new young students in to our team of instructors they form the circle off trusted workers and friends around us who are dedicated to provide you with an exceptional experience. From the moment you arrive until the moment you say farewell at the end of the day or tour, they'll be there for you.

 All Team members come from a university - sport background and have several years experience as outdoor instructor. Our guides are renowned for their quality and safety work ,if it is a Team Building day ore on the a multi day rafting expedition their distinct ability to make you feel at home away from home is just one off the aspects why we are so proud of them.

 Education !

Do it ! Team building & Adventure Turkey is registered as a official Calibiris learning company ,each year we offer 3 students from CİOS and Sport academy Holland the chance to come to Turkey .

 They stay & work with us for a maximum period off 3 months where they learn the practical part of Team building , Adventure , Rafting ,Canyoning etc New Team members are trained by Tom & Jose Holleman, whom trained new instructors over the last 19 years for Voncken Nature Sport plus in Belgium 

 What to expect!

 Our instructors are the face off Do it ! they inspire our guest to explore their limits setting a positive example and take care for their safety. Travel the Adventure with us Tom & Gonca Holleman & crew.